Adult Emojis Icons Pro - Naughty Emoji Faces Stickers Keyboard Emoticons for Texting App Reviews

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I Love This App

Love it!!!!! Love it!!!!! Love it!!!!!


I love this app. Simple to use and so many to choose from


I really thought this emojis would have been great, I was disappointed at it’s contents. It almost the same as the other emoji developers. To who ever decides to buy emojis please check out what they have before you buy. To save your hard earned money, because you just might be wasting it.

Not bad...

It’s pretty good, thought that there’d be more adult emojis than what there are, but their still pretty good at getting my point across...

Great App !

I luv it. Has all the extras .

Real fun Ap

Love the emoji’s that we all want to use but can not find in the standard group. I love this Ap

Greatest app!

Totally love all of the emojis. I am texting constantly now, probably driving everyone nuts but I love it.

Ads were so bad I pad $3 for this ridiculous app

Don’t buy it. It isn’t any diff at all and if u pay u only get one single emoji more and it’s the vulgar words FY. Don’t buy this is a rip off. RIP OFF!!!

Adult expressions

Works well with lots of different emojis to choose from. Many times I don’t even have to write anything at all. I just emoji my way through the text with few words.

Review of emoji’s

This is a very fun app of gotten a lot of enjoyment out of it and so have the recipients of my messages.

Not worth money. Not naughty at all



I only they would show up in the keyboard, that’s my only suggestion.

Twice as Nice.

Wish I could use multiple images at a time.


I'll need a drink?

It might be naughty

But not very much. I mean if you can text any words in the language, send pics of anything, why can you purchase decent adult theme emojis to send your spouse?

How to spice up a relationship

Thanks for the great emoji. Came in just around Valentines Day.

Fun but....

Fun to have all these emojis... they are cute and get interesting reactions. Most are not as “adult” as they could be but meh. Worth the $ overall.

Naughty emojis


This is a rip off you get more emojis with the unpaid version than the paid version!!

Do not buy they give you more emojis with the free version than with the paid version!! With the paid version they removed 3 of the emoji sets that are in the unpaid version, the jack, ball and New 3D sets.


I Would give negative stars if possible !!!! Too Explicit ?!? Hahaha, Please, these are sad & juvenile !! Waste of time & $$ !!!!

Funny and Naughty

I just recently started using this APP, but I am having a lot of fun with it. It has some really cool stuff so far.

Needs work

Need to add more stuff

Works but limited!

It would get a higher rating if you could access from the keyboard and not have to open the app to copy and paste while using text.

rip off

This app doesn't have anymore than the free app. I feel cheated.

Pretty handy and very funny

Awesome emojis


I use it several times a day to text from naughty to nice.

Adult Emoji

Fun and easy to express yourself!

Don’t buy.

I bought the premium version thinking that it will integrate with iMessage. Nope. U can’t use the app without network connectivity. It asks u to rate it every time u use one emoji, even if they are nicely drawn still not worth it.

Exciting app

I would recommend it to anyone

Lots of fun!

You will love this app if you want to add a big smile to your message.


Needs to be able to add to your message keyboard so you don’t have to send the emojis thru the app only

Love it!!

Love it.

Got tired of it asking for review!

I got paid version and it still asks me to rate app every single time I send something. Super annoying! Should have option to stop asking for rating.

Best at a great price...

Sure has everything I need and some...😎


This app gets a 4 star rating for all the funny , and crazy emojis and phrases.... what would make it perfect is sticker for i message and possible motion emojis other than that this is a great app definitely worth the price


🤘🏼Awesome App🤘🏼


Pod for the pro and emojis vanished

It’s a very good app

I love it


Like them could replace the black & blue emojis with something better but overall good!!



Great App

Just like the fact that it offers adult emojis...


La aplicación gratis tiene más variedad de emojis que esta por la cual pagué 😡

Naughty, Naughty

I have yet to come across an app that’s naughtier than this! It’s a perfect balance of naughty and nice and to top it off it’s got some funny stuff too! I use it almost daily to just give this super awesome punch in my text. The only thing I’d love to see is the ability of the app to show up in the keyboard. For ease of use. Although even without that the app is still a solid five stars!

Love this app

Great app and so much fun

Good cheerer

I send one or two to my wife when she's having a bad day. Thank you, but please add more. It would also be awesome to send more than one at once. Again super cool worth six stars.


Fun app. Allows succinct messaging. Look forward to even more images.

Makes them giggle

Pretty nice makes my fam and friends giggle when they are in a sad mood

Rate it ?

Give me time to use it first...knock off the rating..I don't like the cut and paste..and let me use it for awhile


Even paid version begs for review so here you go

Love it

Nice App

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